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Medical Examination

  1. Who is required to take a medical examination when immigrating to Canada?

    All applicants for Canada immigration are required to undergo medical examinations, which consists of a standard physical examination, X-Rays, blood and urine tests.

  2. When are these examinations done? Can I do it in advance?

    The visa office processing your case must issue forms necessary to conduct the medical examinations with a Designated Medical Practitioner. These examinations cannot be conducted prior to receiving these forms, which are issued midway during the application process in most cases.

  3. How long should I take to do my examination?

    Applicants are generally granted between 60 and 90 days to conduct the examinations after the issuance of forms, although some visa offices do insist on a delay of 6 months prior to completion. If you are unable to conduct your examinations for a significant period beyond what is normally allowed by your visa office, you should advise them of this and of the reason in writing.

  4. How long is the medical examination result valid for?

    Medical examination results are valid for a period of one year after the completion of the tests. New examinations may be required if your application does not conclude by this time, although immigration officials do have the authority to extend medical results in some cases.

  5. I have a certain condition. With that condition mean that I cannot immigrate to Canada?

    There is no list of absolutely admissible or inadmissible medical conditions. The decision to admit an applicant on the basis of medical results is based on a Medical Officer's thorough examination of the circumstances of the case, and of the medical history and prognosis.

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