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Documentation of your Immigration Case

  1. What do I have to submit to apply for Canada immigration?

    An application for immigration requires that you submit, at a minimum, the applicable government processing fees, and completed application forms for the principal applicant and all dependents (spouse or common-law partner, and dependent children), accompanying or not. Visa offices generally request that documentation of your case is also provided at the time of the submission of your application. Members of Diycanadaimmigration.com receive personalized documentation reports advising them what documents should be submitted along with their applications, and hints and tips on accumulating these documents.

  2. If I do not have a certain document, am I prohibited from applying for immigration to Canada?

    If a specific document is not available at the time of submission of your application, then two options generally exist: (1) submit a suitable substitute document which would take the place of the missing document; or (2) submit the outstanding document later in the application process. The documentation report provided to Diycanadaimmigration.com members includes substitution recommendations for those documents which are commonly problematic.

  3. What happens if I do not submit the correct documentation?

    Submission of incorrect or incomplete documentation can either result in (1) return of your application; or (2) delay of your application while the documentation is corrected. Ensuring that you submit thorough and accurate documentation of your case is an important step in ensuring that the case is processed more quickly. The documentation report provided to Diycanadaimmigration.com members will allow you to better understand what documents are required for your particular case.

  4. Is it better if someone else prepares my case for me?

    No, not necessarily. Only you understand your case well enough to prepare it thoroughly and accurately. Relying on others for assistance may create an additional unnecessary step in the process which may delay your application, and could result in inaccuracies in the presentation of your case and qualifications. Such inaccuracies could result in delay or even refusal of your case.

  5. Are language tests necessary?

    Evidence of language ability is a requirement of the present Regulations. If objective documentation of English or French language ability, other than a test score, is available, then this may suffice. Such evidence may include evidence of education or employment in an English or French language environment, evidence of training at a language school, or other credible evidence of language abilities claimed in your application. If you doubt the validity of the documents that you possess for evidence of language ability, submit an IELTS (English) or TEF (French) test score initially, or during the application process.

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