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Immigration Case Tracking

  1. What happens after my case is submitted?

    Once the application is submitted, it will move through various stages of processing at the visa office. The main stages are Acknowledgement of Receipt, Paper Screening, Selection Interview or Waiver decision, Selection Interview date (if required), issuance of Medical Examinations, and issuance of visas.

  2. How do I keep track of what is going on in my case?

    Members of Emigrant.ca can use the i3MS to keep close track of their application through these stages, determine how their cases compare to other applicants at their own visa office and other visa offices worldwide, and receive alerts if their case processing is delayed beyond published service standards.

  3. How do I know if my application is "off track" at the visa office?

    Knowing how other cases are processing at the same visa office, and staying aware of the changes to published service standards are the best ways to ensure that your case is being processed as quickly as possible at a visa office. Emigrant.ca provides individual applicants with the data that they require to stay aware of this information, and with automatic alerts in the case that their applications are not being processed normally.

  4. Who is the best person to track my application for Canadian immigration?

    You have the greatest vested interest in making sure that your application is being processed quickly. While a representative may have access to the same information that you can obtain via Diycanadaimmigration.com, allocation of resources by such representatives are intended to maximize profitability, and not maintaining optimal contact with your application.

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